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SRCA Meeting to Elect Board of Directors

The SRCA meeting to elect board of directors was held on Thursday September 21st at Saint John Vianney Church Hall.

A quorum was reached and the elections proceeded. 

Ruby Melton, Carol Simler and
Sal DiNicola were reelected.  Pat Vancour was newly elected.

SRCA Reminder,  Be a Good Neighbor

Sound travels through the courtyards and driveways and noise can be a problem for your neighbors.  Please avoid loud conversations  after 10 pm Sunday through Thursday nights and after 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

New Boat Rack

In an effort to cleanup the beach area and keep track of  boat ownership the boat committee decided  to build a boat rack next to the pool to provide for registered watercraft.  SRCA allows boats which can be carried or beach dollied to the water for launching.  Boats on trailers are not allowed to be kept on the SRCA property.


SRCA bylaws allow one pet per unit.  Residents  must not allow pets to urinate or defecate on condo property. You must walk your pet to the grass area across the board walk.  Pets are not allowed to be tied up outside with out the owner present. All pets must be walked on a leash and be under the owners control.

Savin Rock Condominiums

A Seaside Community

At West Walk

West Haven, CT 06516

Welcome to the Savin Rock Condominium Association home page. The purpose of this website is to provide information and guidelines for our unit owners, residents, and those interested in joining our SRCA community  Whether you are a renter, first time home owner or downsizing from a larger home, condo life may be a much different experience. 

 Unlike home ownership, residents at West Walk do not have the freedom to do whatever they like to the condominium property.  All SRCA common areas are governed by the condominium bylaws and rules and  Board of Directors along with Collect Associates, the SRCA management company.  Condominium expenses are shared by all unit owners who in turn make up the Savin Rock Condominium Association.

The Savin Rock Condominiums include a swimming pool and clubhouse. Located on Long Island Sound provides West Walk residents with breath taking water views and direct beach access.  Although the SRCA owns the beach and the West Haven boardwalk, the Association (by deed) allows public use of these areas.  The City of West Haven provides beach grooming and boardwalk trash pickup.  The roadway, parking areas, and courtyards of the SRCA property is private. Trespassers are subject to arrest.

Parking at West Walk

Parking is limited at West Walk.  Parking stickers and visitor passes are used to identify resident and guest vehicles.  Each unit is issued one numbered parking space. Guests are to park in spaces marked with a V.  Residents may not have more than two vehicles on the property.  Residents must park their vehicles in their assigned parking spaces overnight. Failure to comply with the parking rules and regulations may result in a car being towed at the owner's expense.